Proposed Alamo Plaza Master Plan

The Alamo is known around the world as one of the most significant historic sites in America. The thirteen days in 1836 that culminated with the ultimate sacrifice of 189 heroes changed the course of history, leading to the creation of the Republic of Texas, followed by the State of Texas, ultimately defining the geopolitical structure of the Americas. In the aftermath of the Battle, General Santa Anna ordered his troops to destroy as much of the site as possible. This was the beginning of the decline of the historic Alamo compound. Restoring the reverence and dignity of the Alamo is the obligation of our generation and the mission of our efforts. We are committed to re-imagining the site through a visionary plan that captures the imagination of all ages and cultures today, and for generations to come, while reestablishing the sanctity of the site. The Master Plan is based on the highest principles and practices of heritage conservation planning and design, establishing the framework for a self-sustaining and robust entity to provide responsible stewardship into the future. This extraordinary initiative is possible through the creative collaboration of the Texas General Land Office, the City of San Antonio and Alamo Endowment. These entities have come together in a dedicated effort through a unique public / private partnership. This proposed Master Plan presents Preliminary Concepts of the Alamo Master Plan Management Committee, numerous stakeholders, and the Master Plan Professional Team.

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The Vision

Interpreting the South Wall & Gate – A Sense of Arrival

Recapturing the Historic Mission Plaza

A New Civic Space: Plaza De Valero

A Sense of Enclosure

Alamo Promenade

La Plaza and the Crockett Block

The Structural Glass Concept