Alamo Master Plan Presents Key Concepts

(SAN ANTONIO, TX) – The Alamo Management Committee and Alamo master planner Dr. George C. Skarmeas with Preservation Design Partnership, LLC presented the first round of master plan concepts in a B-Session meeting of the San Antonio City Council. The intent of the Alamo master plan is to improve the visitor experience at the historic… Read more >

Alamo Archaeology Team Discovers Evidence of Adobe Brick Wall

SAN ANTONIO – On July 22, 2016, the archaeological team that is conducting a study of the Alamo complex grounds discovered remains of an adobe brick wall approximately 58 cm (23 inches) below the flagstone surface, near the location where historians presume the west wall of the Alamo complex was built. The adobe is very… Read more >

Alamo Master Plan Launches Archaeology Study of Alamo Grounds

On June 29, the Alamo Management Committee briefed the San Antonio City Council during its B-Session on the progress of the Alamo master planning process and announced the start of the research and discovery phase of work that will involve a systematic archaeological study of the Alamo complex grounds – the first such study to… Read more >

Preservation Design Partnership Selected to Lead Alamo Master Plan

Preservation Design Partnership (PDP) has been selected to lead the Alamo master planning process. The principals of PDP bring unique experiences from their past work on projects such as Independence Hall, the U.S. Supreme Court and the Virginia State Capitol. Led by nationally recognized thought leader George Skarmeas and preservation architect Dominique Hawkins, PDP will… Read more >