ABOUT THE ALAMO MASTER PLAN In October 2015, the City of San Antonio and the Texas General Land Office entered into a Cooperative Agreement with the Alamo Endowment to oversee and fund the development of a Joint Master Plan and the implementation of that plan for the Alamo Historic District and Alamo Complex. Two representatives from each of the three organizations serve on the Alamo Management Committee, which is managing the development of the master plan. The Alamo Management Committee selected Preservation Design Partnership (PDP) in March 2016 to lead the Alamo master planning effort after an extensive search process that included review of more than 250 firms and individuals from across the United States and around the world. The principals of PDP have over 20 years of experience in heritage planning, design and architecture on iconic U.S. projects including Independence Hall, the U.S. Supreme Court and the Virginia State Capitol. PDP is working in collaboration with San Antonio-based Fisher Heck Architects, Grupo De Diseño Urbano and more than a dozen other experts in their respective areas.